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Aldinga Airshow Displays

Please keep the following in mind when reviewing the flying program:

  • Attending aircraft are subject to operational requirements and weather.
  • The program is subject to change and correct as of 29/3/24.

Paul Bennet Airshows

Just Secured!! The awsome WW2 Grumman Avenger, Wolf Pitts and CAP 232

Read More about Paul Bennet

Matt Hall Racing Team

The Silver Sharks Aerobatic Team

Chris Sperou

Chris is our local flying legend. There is no doubt about that. Chris is well known to anyone attending local airshows in South Australia and beyond. Chris is 13 times Australian Aerobatic Champion and at the current age of 84 is considered the most accomplished aerobatic pilot to ever grace the skies in Australia.  Chris put on a terrific display at Aldinga in 2018 in very challenging flying conditions and fingers crossed this year for clear skies, Chris! See Chris performing back in 1981 at Aldinga HERE (courtesy Darren Paech) Read More about Chris

The Royal Australian Airforce

The RAAF has recently confirmed a flypast of the P-8A Poseidon as well as displays provided by some of the RAAF Heritage Fleet – CAC Wingeel.  These displays should be awsome! 

Lyndon Trethewey

Lyndon is becoming known as the SA heir apparent to Chris Sperou. Lyndon is based at Goolwa and we look forward to a first-class aerobatic display in the skies above Aldinga on the 7th of April. Lyndon’s aircraft is a Mundy CAP 232. No shortage of HP in this machine! 

Jim Whalley

In an inspiring display of aviation history and innovation, local aviation enthusiast and entrepreneur Jim Whalley is set to grace the skies at the upcoming Aldinga Airshow, showcasing his meticulously restored CAC Boomerang and the sleek SIAI Marchetti S211 Jet. The Airshow, scheduled for April 7th 2024, promises spectators a rare glimpse into the past and present of aviation excellence. Read More

David Foord

The Aircraft:

Aircraft is a DR107 built specially for unlimited aerobatics.
Engine is a 220 hp 6.5 Litre 4 cylinder
Max G force is 10 G.
max speed is 370 kph

This aircraft has competed in competition aerobatics at an unlimited level and this aircraft type has held the Australian Unlimited National Championship several times, beating Pitts, Extra and Edge aircraft on several occasions, so it’s a very capable aircraft

About David: 

David Foord is an Avionics aircraft maintenance engineer at Aldinga
2000 hours of flying experience
David built this aircraft and also built one of the “Silver Sharks” RV6 aircraft
David has won several state and national aerobatics titles

Alecia Hayes

Alicia is an up-and-coming pilot who began her training at age 11. Alicia flew her first solo on her 15th Birthday, gained her RPC and then completed her RPL conversion flight review on her 16th Birthday. Endorsed in tailwheel, constant speed propeller, and retractable undercarriage and is currently doing her aerobatic endorsement at Adelaide Bi Planes whilst studying year 12 at Sacred Heart College. 130 hrs PIC and counting, Alicia has a focus on CPL at 18 and ultimately wants to pilot for the RFDS.

Alicia is flying her Grandpa’s 1978 Bellanca Citabria, which both are the reason behind her enthusiastic approach to aircraft and the cockpit.

Model Aerosport South Australia and Noarlunga Model Aero Sports

Adinga Airshow is delighted to be able to bring you displays provided by the Nourlunga Model Aerosports! There will be six pilots showcasing these amazing aircraft at the Airshow.

  • Stuart Ratsch – Jet Turbine
  • Cooper Ratsch – Jet Turbine
  • Greg Leigh – Jet Turbine and Scale Military Model
  • Ben Jamieson – Jet Turbine & Scale Aerobatic Model
  • Adam Coy – Scale Aerobatic Model & Jet Turbine Reserve
  • Sean Readett – Scale Aerobatic Model

This is a free experience for the whole family and something not to be missed!

The Royal Flying Doctor Service (SA/NT) aeromedical simulator – a full replica of the Pilatus PC12.

Take a seat inside the cockpit and experience what it’s like to fly a life-saving mission.

Once onboard, you’ll feel like you are really inside the back of an RFDS plane, soaring over rugged terrain and navigating challenges experienced by our pilots and nurses.


F4 Phantom Cockpit

The F4 Phantom cockpit was a popular static display at the Aldinga Airfield Open Day and it’s back again!

The first F-4Es entered service in the 1960s and were dispatched to serve in Vietnam, where they complemented the existing inventories of F-4C and D variant aircraft. The aircraft type was credited with 21 kills in Vietnam, most of which were achieved using the AIM-7E-2 ‘Dogfight Sparrow’. Several pilots achieved Ace status while flying the F-4 in Vietnam, including Charles B. DeBellevue, who was the highest-scoring American ace in Vietnam. The F-4 went on to form the backbone of the US fighter force for the bulk of the 1960s and 70s. 

Keep checking this page for exciting updates to our display!

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